Monday, March 07, 2005


1. Frogged all 21 inches of the back of the sweater when I accidentally short-rowed and didn't catch it til three rows later. The more I looked at the sweater, the more mistakes I saw, and the more I understood the mistakes I had made, and ripped the whole thing up in frustration--so, two weeks later, after knitting two pairs of slippers and handling a bit of a life-crisis, I spent the weekend catching back up to where I was, and it looks much neater. I'm having trouble with the yarn, though, because I joined up the next ball and the colors don't seem to be the same, in spite of both coming from the same dye lot.

2. The second pair of slippers (pictures forthcoming) came out great. I added a fold-down cuff. The only thing that went wrong, aside from my not paying enough attention to the pattern and as such making some strange mistakes that worked out okay in the end but I don't care to repeat, was that the top seam of one slipper didn't hold during the felting process. I think I know what i did wrong there, though. Son wants a pair done in black. They are very easy, though. Yay!

3. My next project, since spring is coming, is going to be the Yarn Girl Tanks pattern featured in the free advertising section of Interweave Knits. I'm probably going to make it in lime green, although hot pink and hot purple are looking pretty good, too. I never in a million years thought I would wear these colors!


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