Monday, February 21, 2005

Something to show off!

Well, let's see...the dashboard doesn't work in Netscape so well, so I'm going to try to do this..

The successful slippers!

This was super easy. Pattern from Bernat, but I couldn't find Lana anywhere, and Patons Classic Wool worked up just fine.


Anonymous said...

Yo, those look super comfy. Any chance you'd be up for making a pair in about a size 11? ;)


Gallycat said...

I just made a pair for Dean and they fit okay. The trick with these is that you wash them and shrink them to your feet, and it makes them fit perfectly.

But if you tell me what color you want them, I'll do them and then explain how to shrink them. You can pick one color or two -- mine are blue and grey -- and with Dean's I modified the pattern so that there's a cuff if you want that too. More pictures on the way, and i'll tell you more about it next time we chat!