Friday, March 18, 2005


Well, I've gone and done it -- set aside a URL to focus specifically on knitting and networking (knitworking?) so that this blog can become more of the general punkrustic bent, although I'm sure that there will be plenty of overlap. But until I get that set up, i'll continue to update here, but add Knitster to your list of things to read if you're interested. I've changed my work situation around so as to give me more time for turning hobbies into profitable enterprises, and we may be launching several punkrustic-themed 'zines in the coming months.

Currently, I'm about halfway up the front of the hoodie, and about 2 dozen rows into the tank top. This is going to be a big catchup weekend, so we'll get some pictures up!


Anonymous said...

Cindy said...


I read your blog and I like it alot.
Its great to read blogs written by females.
I work with, maybe you've seen it.
We have a pretty happy female following also.

So I definitely wanted to let u know that we are having a blogette contest.
We are having visitors vote on their favorite site.
First prize is $1000 and i definitely think u should enter ur site. (its free)

Here's a link to the contest:

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.
Keep up the good work, your site looks great.


Anonymous said...

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