Monday, January 31, 2005

Was so on a roll and then...

I found a crazy ass mistake in the hoodie. I'm about six inches up the back having not accidentally gained or dropped anything; and a third of the way through a knit row I find a weirdass circle of yarn creating a hole.

I'm not sure whether I twisted a stitch or whether I knit when I should have purled, and thus accidentally yarned over, but at least I caught it in the next row and think I can fix it. The question, of course, is whether I have to unknit about 75 stitches or can simply drop the stitch and pull it back up again.

All this happened right when Boo came home last night, so of course I parked the errant stitch on a crochet hook and left the other two needles as they were.

Should be entertaining to try and fix, but at this rate, by the time I get to my beginning knitting class, I'll be able to teach it.