Thursday, January 27, 2005


So the scarf is finished. It's about five feet long, and I darned all the wholes from my accidental yarn overs. It was a good learning project.

And, feeling ambitious, I've already started a second project. I was thinking it would be a hat, or a bag, or something. But no... I decided to knit myself a hoodie.

It's a lion brand pattern, and it uses homespun yarn, which has a really strange texture. My first attempt at ribbing looked horrible, so I frogged the whole thing, and... realized that frogged homespun is exactly like regular homespun. that's how loopy the yarn is.

At any rate, I've now re-knit the first 18 rows, and while it still looks kinda drunken, it's a vast improvement. I've figured out how to tell whether the next stitch is a knit or a purl, and I've caught three major mistakes in enough time to only have to un-knit ten or fifteen stitches. I've picked up a dropped stitch, and caught all my accidental yarn overs this time. It's a lot easier to spot accidental yarn overs in stockinette than it is in garter. I've also managed to not accidentally increase, yet!

So i'm feeling optimistic that my first sweater won't look like chicken skin. It's got lots of pretty colors in it, but we'll see if I can get the colors to match up when it comes time to knit the front.

On the cooking front, we had lots of good food this weekend. Roast chicken. Beef stroganoff. And Blueberry Buckle. I need to reconfigure the recipe box!

Weird energy in the home front right now, but it will pass. Another transition at hand, and it will be a painful one.